Welcome to my office

I work with companies to communicate the features and benefits of their products and services, and to make sure their staff have the information that they need at their fingertips. The way I see it, my job is to save your company time and money by putting my experience and skill at your service. Your staff can concentrate on what they do best, and I’ll fill in the gaps.

Communicating technical information

Your customers have the right to expect the best possible communications from your company. The information you share must be easy to access, accurate and professionally presented. I can help with a wide variety of technical writing services for print or web.

Content management

Many organisations have the information they need already, but it is difficult to access. I can streamline templates, compile manual, collect information and help improve organisation and content management. Systems like these often grow organically and organising them so that everyone can find what they need to know saves hours of unproductive searching.

Marketing technical products and services

Small companies do not always need full-time marketing professionals but they always need marketing. Marketing activities get you seen, they bring your message to the market. My marketing experiences means that I can formulate your message and work with you on how to best spread it.

A consistent style

To ensure that don’t have to worry about look and feel, I can also help with template development and management so that your documents look professional and consistent across a range of functions. From websites to business cards, through Word and Excel templates and social channels, I can help you achieve a consistent approach.