Marketing Services

Marketing is a vast discipline that involves everything from brand management through copywriting to ordering branded pens for events, not to mention coordinating the events themselves. Most marketing professionals specialise and so have I. Although I am happy to design, source and order pens for you, I have spent most of my marketing hours thinking about strategy, writing copy for websites and brochures and doing online marketing.

As a marketing professional I:

  • Write website copy that gets your message across.
  • Write magazine articles or white papers that establishes your expertise and gets you noticed.
  • Research and advice on marketing systems integration to improve the way your CRM and marketing systems work together, saving you time and money.
  • Plan and implement marketing campaigns, online or off, to free you to provide the product or service you’re selling.
  • Manage marketing projects: website builds, events, advertising campaigns to free your staff to do other things.
  • Develop and maintain small websites that you have control over so that you don’t have to wait (or pay) for news or other content to be posted.