Communication Services

Technical communication is a flexible term that can span to cover a lot more that simply writing. Technical writers never work entirely on their own: they talk to subject matter experts, discuss style and delivery with marketing or development. They are part of a team, and what they deliver is part of a greater whole. Clear and accurate writing is important, but so is verbal and interpersonal communication. As a technical communicator I:

  • Write manuals, help systems and quick-start guides that give your users the help they need, and on the channel they need it.
  • Proofread text written by other writers for spelling and grammar, as well as consistency, language and logic.
  • Edit documents with an eye to the audience and your company’s style guide, consistency, and structure.
  • Manage writing projects that involve developers, marketers and writers, to ensure that materials are delivered on time.
  • Compile standards documents and best practice guides from scattered sources into a coherent document which can be applied internally, or shared externally.
  • Compile style guides that encapsulate your company’s style and practices so that writers and designers have a good starting point when delivering materials.
  • Draw diagrams and prepare screenshots that help illustrate text and clarify complicated steps or relationships.